Over 30 Years Of Experience

The principals of Cityscape Residential average more than 30+ years of experience in a wide range of sophisticated real estate transactions, including complex multi-party joint venture transactions, public-private partnerships, and complex financial instruments and structures. Cityscape Residential is most well-known for its award-winning history of luxury multifamily rental communities. The principals of Cityscape Residential have been responsible for the successful development and/or financing of several billion dollars’ worth of real estate throughout the eastern half of the United States during their careers and have been responsible for the development and construction of several thousand for-sale and rental residential units across multiple market areas.

The firm brings an especially strong background to the innovative design and construction of its high-density multifamily communities, leveraging a deep base of in-house construction experience among its partners and associates. Principals in Cityscape Residential are trained and have practiced in the fields of architecture, urban planning, accounting, and construction management and have served as senior executives at firms ranging from small entrepreneurial partnerships to large, public NYSE-listed companies. Cityscape Residential principals pride themselves in the professionalism and integrity for which the firm has come to be known through its dealings.

Our Values


We build up people and places together.


We care about people holistically.


We make people feel at home.


We do things the smart way.


We are open to exploring new ideas and value everyone's input.


We build and manage properties where we live and work, and we play an active role in the community.

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What We Stand For

Our Mission

With decades of experience in property and asset management, the Cityscape Residential team knows what it takes to create exemplary properties. We focus on financial performance, property quality, and resident satisfaction. Our heart is planted firmly in the Midwest, where we take pride in creating top-notch multifamily homes.

Our Vision

We’re not content with just doing the bare minimum. Instead, we pursue excellence through innovation, continuous collaboration, and successful project execution. We strive to be the best in the business, and it shows!

Our People

Our people are our top priority, which is why we support and encourage each other as one team. We promote transparent communication, respect, and honesty in all our interactions. As an employer of choice, we strive to create opportunities for personal and professional growth for everyone on our team!


Cityscape Residential designs properties to be as unique as the neighborhoods in which they reside. Using design elements that echo each neighborhood’s defining architectural style, Cityscape Residential brings a thoughtful, one-of-a-kind aesthetic to every one of its communities. With its signature blend of high-end finishes, such as wine refrigeration storage and spa garden tubs, and unparalleled design, Cityscape Residential develops luxury apartments that appeal to residents across the Midwest.


With a veteran team whose backgrounds span multiple disciplines from architecture and urban planning to accounting and construction management, Cityscape Residential brings a depth of well-rounded experience to each luxury multifamily community it develops.


The strong foundation of in-house construction experience among its partners and associates allows Cityscape Residential to serve as its own general contractor on all its developments. The company also works with external subcontractors.

Asset Management

With experience in property and asset management, the Cityscape team focuses on exemplary performance throughout our properties lifecycles in terms of financial performance, property quality, and resident satisfaction to further enhance the reputation of Cityscape and our institutional investment partners.